Poké Run

We completed our longest race to date, 5 miles through Central Park! It seems kind of silly to be qualifying for a marathon and also realize that 5 miles is the longest race we’ve run yet. But that’s the large reality of the 9+1 program – most races are only 3-5 miles.

Even though the distance was (relatively) short, we were a bit anxious over this one. Sophia is still healing her ankle sprain, and hasn’t done any running in a couple of months – so jumping back into it with 5 miles seemed a bit aggressive. Still, the race had to be run, and we figured that 5 miles was a distance we could walk if necessary.

As it turns out, we ran a lot more of it than we had anticipated. “Run” might be a bit of an overstatement…more like a very slow jog. But it wasn’t a walk, even if it had little to no cardiovascular impact. Still, the 5 miles went by faster than we thought – probably helped along by the pokémon we were catching the entire run!



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