The Shortest Race

It’s been a while since our last race. Sadly, we are not any better runners than we were in May. I’ll chock this up to a lack of running…at all. We’ve not run at all.

Luckily for us, it turns out that to qualify for the NYC Marathon, you need only run one mile!* Which is still a mile more than we had run in months, but it could be worse, right?

So this morning we completed the New Balance 5th Avenue Mile, which runs twenty fast blocks down the streets of 5th Avenue. This short race is run in heats, rather than the typical en masse starting corrals. Heats were divided by both age and gender, so we each had to go it alone – so no race selfies this time. Tait finished his mile in 7:35, and Sophia in 8:34. We were both just glad to have made it across the finish line and get to head home and back to bed. Race five complete!

*Well, not really. You have to run 9 races, all of which except for this one are more than 1 mile long. So in total, it’s much more than a mile. But still.



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