Plus One

We’re officially halfway through our marathon qualifiers! No racing for us today; instead we fulfilled our +1 piece of the 9+1 program by volunteering at the UAE Healthy Kidney 10K.IMG_8307.JPG

Sophia has volunteered for a couple NYRR events in the past, and had nothing but a good experience. Unfortunately, today was more like a shit-show.  We worked the Start/Finish Line, and our duties essentially included yelling at people to follow arbitrary regulations, and then getting ignored. Moreover, the marshalls in charge of our group failed to realize that we were supposed to get released at 11:00 and tried to hold us overtime – NOPE. (We’re happy to volunteer and give our time; but not happy to get yelled at ourselves and expected to stay longer than outlined in our e-mail sheet …especially when we arrived at 7am).So being as grumpy as we were, we did not take a selfie in our awesome neon yellow volunteer vests. Instead, here’s a pic of the (at least admittedly pretty decent Volunteer hats – which they didn’t give us until we left….)


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