We spent the week before Christmas in Vermont for Sophia’s sister’s wedding. Despite the dubious forecast and 50-degree temps, the morning of the wedding, flurries fell from the sky, blanketing the ground with about 2 inches of snow! The couple was so happy to have their own winter wonderland for the big day. (And it all melted two days later!)

The bride was beautiful, the Maid of Honor (Sophia) averted disaster, there was sledding – in all, a lovely wedding and we couldn’t be happier for the Newlyweds!

There wasn’t enough snow in Vermont for skiing/riding, so we instead spent our time exploring Vermont’s other attractions. In one of our drives, we discovered the Baird Maple Farm. We followed the signs to the old barn, and walked into taste some syrup – only to discover the entire farm is self-serve! Sample syrup, pick out what you’d like, and leave cash or your credit card number as payment . . . all on the Honor System. We were stunned to learn such places still exist! Naturally, we tried all the syrup and then took some home with us (and yes, we did pay for it).12392046_10153669377548046_5336870651119042001_n12373381_10102652276653234_846662410172635994_n12342365_10208321803068671_7978125500185191495_nIMG_4946IMG_4944IMG_4945


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